Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic

Payment Options

We believe that all people deserve regular chiropractic care in order to experience the highest quality of life. To make regular chiropractic care achievable we have a membership approach ~ it’s a more affordable and more convenient way to get your spine checked.

The following options exist:

Options Membership Package of Visits Pay as You Go
New Client Fee $59
(additional family members $35 each)**
(additional family members $35 each)**
(additional family members $35 each)**
Individual Price $79 / month You can Purchase:
10 visits for $250 ($25 / visit)
5 visits for $150 ($30 / visit)
$45 per visit
Family Entire family for $154/month* $45 per visit (adult)
$35 per visit (child)
Adjustments Up to 6 visits per month One per visit One per visit
Expiration End of each month None N/A
Location All locations All locations All locations
Contract No Minimum N/A N/A
* “Entire Family” is designated by those who make up your immediate family and that live under the same roof.
**New client fee for the whole family is good for 30 days. If a family member begins care after the initial 30 days an additional $50 fee will be charged.
Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic accepts cash, personal checks, major credit cards and payments from
HSA and FSA accounts. We will not accept (or bill) insurance of any kind.

Wait. You don’t accept medical insurance?

At Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic we believe chiropractic care is different from conventional medicine. Health insurance was designed for expensive medical events or catastrophic occurrences that require medical procedures or hospitalizations. We view chiropractic care and good nutrition as tools to help you maintain your health, keep you moving and keep you out of the hospital. By not participating in insurance reimbursement programs our paperwork is less, our overhead is lower and it allows us more time to do what we really love ~ talk health and provide quality care on your terms! You CAN certainly use your HSA or FSA accounts!