Naturally Aligned Family Chiropractic


Dr Amber,
I'm feeling much better. When I worked for NCMIC the president always talked about the benefits of chiropractic care & how just the smallest adjustment w/your hands can make such a huge difference. As I'd never seen a chiropractor, I was always a bit skeptical about what he was saying...but NOW, now I totally understand. Not only is my sacrum feeling much better, but I'm also much less nauseous than before. I remember you saying the adjustments you did on my neck may help me feel better. Thanks for all your help! I’m looking forward to my next adventure in the world of chiropractic!

Because I started chiropractic care early on in the pregnancy I will never know how it would have been different without it. Dr. Amber read my body well and always seemed to keep me in good alignment. She could feel and pinpoint areas of my body that bothered me without my even saying it. I ended up with back labor, but was able to deliver intervention free in a seven-hour labor and delivery. I believe having my pelvic area in alignment reduced the amount of time it took to push and deliver my daughter. Chiropractic care is an investment in your and your baby’s life. Dr. Amber is totally committed your well-being and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is incredibly supportive and shares in the joys (and not joyful areas) of pregnancy. Dr. Amber provides great care at a great value.

I wouldn't have given birth without you! Seriously I'm pretty sure the little guy would be stuck in there if you hadn't 'adjusted' him out! If it wasn't for the adjustment I had during the last phase of my labor I don't think I would've been able to push my son out myself. You allowed me to not only find a second wind to finish labor but also find a way to finishing pushing as well. Beyond labor I feel immediate relief after each treatment. I've been dealing with the neck pain all my life and you are the first chiropractor (I've seen many!!) to eliminate the pain and I only have to see you once per month to keep the pain away. That has never happened before! I remember the first adjustment being so gentle and comfortable I have never had such an 'easy' adjustment. I felt comfortable with your techniques and your bedside manner.

Your care has changed the way I look at health care! It has opened my eyes to so many things! I will forever be changed by chiropractic care and will continue to keep it in my life and in my family's life! THANK YOU!!!

Having you adjust me during my labor was amazing. Once you showed up and started adjusting me, I started to progress more quickly though the labor then I had been. You helped greatly during my contractions knowing just the right places to apply counter pressure. Before that I had not even wanted anyone to touch me. For the health of you and your baby during pregnancy and labor it is so important to have chiropractic care. It makes you feel so much better with all the little and big aches & pains that your changing pregnant body experiences.

I believe your care helped move my baby in the correct position to be born head down; you did an awesome job of talking me through not only the chiropractic side of my experience, but also the emotional aspect. You were very supportive; it really calmed my nerves and put my mind in the right place to help move my baby. Thank You! I promote chiropractic care to anyone I know who is pregnant as well as trying to get pregnant.